Skate Canada - National Performance Centres

The National Performance Centres are a new intiative for Skate Canada. They are designed to offer support to the coaches and athletes on the path to personal excellence. The NPC's will offer both "in-house" and "out-reach" programs sourcing information on a wide variety of topics including sport science, technical development, mental readiness and athlete well-being.


Unification of Ontario 

On February 23, 2016, the Central Ontario Section Board of Directors submitted an amendment to bylaw 8.1 to create one Section in Ontario.  Skate Canada has been working closely with the Skate Ontario Board of Directors to develop a communication strategy to inform voting members about this amendment.  Skate Ontario is the only recognized Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for Skating in Ontario and the four Ontario Sections Chairs sit on the Skate Ontario Board of Directors. 

For details on amendment to bylaw 8.1, please visit the links below:

  • Amendment to bylaw 8.1
  • “Pathway to a United and Stronger Ontario”brochure
  • Question and Answer document provides answers to questions from members.  Check back for regular updates. 



New Site Format

With the expansion of our National Performance Centres, we're striving towards providing a more personal experience for you. General information and resources about the National Performance Centres can be found on our main site. If you are interested in registering for programs at particular centres, please navigate to one of our specific locations in the menu in the top right.